Copy 「Copies」 Google,免費空間再升級!20GB 免費雲端硬碟

我們在上一篇( 免費 10 GB 網路硬碟、雲端儲存服務)介紹過的免費雲端服務Copy在Google I/O 宣布將雲端空間從原本的5GB上限提高至15GB之後,Copy也不甘示弱,免費將一開始空間提升到15GB... 用本站連結註冊可以直接升至 20GB!

  • 網站名稱:Copy
  • 網站網址:按這裡 (注意!點此連結註冊完驗證 Email 並安裝 App 登入後才可獲得 20GB)
  • 應用程式下載:Windows 版Mac 版Linux 版Android 版iPhone, iPad 版

  • 自Copy首度公開亮相之後,90天內已經接近五十萬世界各地的用戶。

    Copy 的特色是甚麼?
    • 5GB的超大推薦計畫
    • 多平台設備支援
    • 免費空間擴充無上限
    • 安全的儲存空間
    • 企業化的管理


    Barracuda Increases Copy Cloud Storage Offering to 15GB of Free, Fair Storage for All

    Campbell, Calif. (May 15, 2013) — Inspired by this week's news that Google is unifying storage across its products, Barracuda Networks announced a bold new program increasing the amount of free cloud storage for its own Copy users from 5GB to 15GB. Copy is a new online file syncing, sharing and storage service built on the secure Barracuda Cloud. Since its public debut less than 90 days ago, Copy already is approaching half a million users worldwide.
    「We think Google's effort here is great, and we are eager to join in by providing current and new Copy users with a matching amount of free space,」 said Guy Suter, GM Storage, at Barracuda Networks. 「We believe people deserve lots of storage to realize the full benefits of using the cloud. They also should be able to control what files count against their capacity. For our part, Copy's free space now at 15GB, our awesome referral program, our incredibly low-paid storage plans, and our 『Fair Storage for All' initiative are all aimed at helping people do more amazing things.」
    Beyond the now standard 15GB of free storage, Copy users also can benefit from the Copy referral program and the 「Fair Storage for All」 initiative:
    • Copy Referral Program — In possibly the most rewarding referral program in cloud storage history, Copy users can earn 5GB of additional free storage for both themselves and the person they introduce to Copy for each referral, with no limit on the total capacity they can earn. The average Copy referrer has earned well over 60GB of free storage, with the largest referrers earning space in the 10s of TBs.
    • Copy 「Fair Storage for All」 Initiative — Instead of counting data in shared folders against all members' individual storage quotas so everyone pays for the same data over and over, Copy allows users to 「split the bill」 and control which files count against their storage capacity. View the 40-second video on the Copy 「Fair Storage for All」 initiative at Copy was created to meet the exceedingly high design demands of today's online and mobile users, and to provide the advanced security and corporate features required for businesses. Additional highlights of the service include:
    • Multiple device compatibility — Copy works across Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux computers and offers mobile device support for Apple iOS (iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad) and Android, with Windows Mobile coming soon.
    • Easy file sharing without limits — Copy allows users to upload and share files of any size, including 1080p videos and raw photographs, without size limitations often found in email attachments. These shared files and folders can be sent to anyone either publicly or privately and accessed from any location or device.
    • More security — Copy provides a secure alternative to other cloud storage services. Included data verification inspects data before Copy accepts it into the user's cloud storage. File-level ownership is verified prior to transferring anything to other devices. Copy also allows users to share files privately using Copy's built-in identify verification.
    • Company control — Copy extends its cloud storage and sharing benefits into corporate environments with user and group management and added controls for proprietary company data.