一定要學的十大谷哥搜尋技巧(Top 10 Clever Google Search Tricks)

由於之前忙完比賽又面臨期中考,可能會繼續沒有時間發文,真不好意思 <(_ _)>

這裡翻譯了一篇是國外選出來的前十名 Google 搜尋技巧,個人覺得第七名有點怪怪的  (笑

第十名:使用 Google 搜尋特定網站(Use Google to Search Certain Sites)

當你很喜歡某儀個網站但是他內建的搜尋功能不怎麼理想的時候,別擔心,Google 通常會做得更好,你只需要用點小技巧。例如:如果你想要找到本網站的舊文章時,只要先輸入 site:knowlet3389.blogspot.tw 再輸入你的關鍵字即可找到你要的東西。這適用於你最愛的論壇、部落格,或者其他各樣的網站。

If you really like a web site but its search tool isn't very good, fret not—Google almost always does a better job, and you can use it to search that site with a simple operator. For example, if you want to find an old Lifehacker article, just type site:lifehacker.com before your search terms (e.g. site:lifehacker.com hackintosh). The same goes for your favorite forums, blogs, and even web services. In fact, it's actually really good for finding free audiobooks, searching for free stuff without the spam, and more.

第九名:透過圖片反找你要的產品(Find Product Names, Recipes, and More with Reverse Image Search)

Google 的以圖搜圖功能很適合用在查找一張圖片或者壁紙(桌布)或其他圖片的出處,而且也可以用來得到這圖片的資訊,例如找出圖中的椅子是誰製造的或者該怎麼煮出圖中的一餐,只要把圖片上傳並以圖搜圖,你應該就可以找到一堆資訊了。

Google's reverse image search is great if you're looking for the source of a photo, wallpaper, or more images like that. However, reverse image search is also great for searching out information—like finding out who makes the chair in this picture, or how do I make the meal in this photo. Just punch in an image like you normally would, but look at Google's regular results instead of the image results—you'll probably find a lot.

第八名:透過自動完成來得到建議(Get "Wildcard" Suggestions Through Autocomplete)

一些進階的搜尋引擎可以讓你用米字(通配符)來代替任何字(詞),Google 也可以,不過不一定會以你希望的方式達成就是了... 總之,你還是可以得到一些“廣泛的”建議,比較簡單的做法是輸入一串完整的句子,然後把你想要得到建議的那個詞刪掉。例如:你要搜尋如何愛鳳越獄就可以輸入:如何_愛鳳。

A lot of advanced search engines let you put a * in the middle of your terms to denote "anything." Google does too, but it doesn't always work the way you want. However, you can still get wildcard suggestions, of a sort, by typing in a full phrase in Google and then deleting the word you want to replace. For example, you can search for how to jailbreak an iphone and remove one word to see all the suggestions for how to ____ an iphone.

第七名:尋找免費的檔案下載(Find Free Downloads of Any Type)

想要找舊的安卓應用可是卻找不到嗎?或者想要音樂卻找不到對的版本?Google 有幾個搜尋工具,當你同時使用網址限定、標題限定、檔案限定,就可以找到一堆下載點。例如要找免費安卓應用你就可以搜尋 -inurl:htm -inurl:html intitle:"index of" apk 然後找到有儲存檔案的網站目錄,不管是安卓應用、音樂檔案、電子書、漫畫或其他都有可能找到。

Ever needed an old Android app but couldn't find the APK for what you were looking for? Or wanted an MP3 but couldn't find the right version? Google has a few search tools that, when used together, can unlock a plethora of downloads: inurl, intitle, and filetype. For example, to find free Android APKs, you'd search for -inurl:htm -inurl:html intitle:"index of" apk to see site indexes of stored APK files. You can use this to findAndroid apps, music files, free ebooks, comic books, and more. Check out the linked posts for more information.

第六名:尋找其他的選擇性(Discover Alternatives to Popular Sites, Apps, and Products)

你可能之前有用 Google 搜尋比較過兩個產品,像是: roku vs apple tv。但如果你不知道有什麼可以比較,或你想看其他人都拿什麼來比較,你只要使用類似第八名的方式,輸入 roku vs _ 然後 Google 會給些什麼自動完成建議,他理應列出最熱門的比較結果。

You've probably searched for comparisons on Google before, like roku vs apple tv. But what if you don't know what you want to compare a product too, or you want to see what other competitors are out there? Just type in roku vs and see what Google's autocomplete adds. It'll most likely list the most popular competitors to the roku so you know what else to check out.You can also search for better than roku to see alternatives, too.

第五名:透過搜尋列直接瀏覽網頁庫存記錄(Access Google Cache Directly from the Search Bar)

我們都知道,Google 頁面庫存適宜個好用的功能,但是其實不必透過搜尋該頁面然後後點擊頁面庫存,直接在網址的最前方加上 cache 即可,例如:cache:http://knowlet3389.blogspot.tw 如果 Google 有該網頁的存檔,則會直接呈現。

We all know Google Cache can be a great tool, but there's no need to search for the page and then hunt for that "Cached" link: just type cache: before that site's URL (e.g.cache:http://lifehacker.com). If Google has the site in its cache, it'll pull it right up for you. If you want to simplify the process even more, this bookmarklet is handy to have around. It's great for seeing an old version of a page, accessing a site when it's down, or getting past something like the SOPA blackout.

第四名:使用谷歌代理繞過防火牆及被阻擋的網站(Bypass Paywalls, Blocked Sites, and More with a Google Proxy)


You may already know that you can sometimes bypass paywalls, get around blocked sites, and download files by funneling a site through Google Translate or Google Mobilizer. That's a clever search trick in and of itself, but just like Google Cache, you can make the process a lot faster by keeping a few URLs on hand. Just add the URL you want to visit to the end of the Google URL (e.g. http://translate.google.com/translate?sl=ja&tl=en&u=http://example.com/ and you're good to go. Check out the full list of proxies, along with bookmarklets to make them even easier, here.

第三名:在谷哥圖片上找人(Search for People on Google Images)

有些人的名字會跟現實中一些東西重疊到,像是有人叫作“玫瑰”或者“巴黎”如果你是在找人而非花朵,直接搜尋玫瑰然後在網址後面加上 &imgtype=facethe 然後如圖,就指揮搜尋出人的照片。然後現在這個功能已經被整合在界面裡了,只要從搜尋工具中選擇類型“臉部特寫”即可。

Some people's names are also real-world objects—like "Rose" or "Paris." If you're looking for a person and not a flower, just search for rose and add to &imgtype=facethe end of your search URL, as shown above. Google will redo the search but return results that it recognizes as faces!

Update: Reader unclghost kindly pointed out that we're working with outdated information here—this trick is now built into Google's UI! Just head to Search Tools > Type and you can choose from faces, photos, clip art, line drawings, and even animations. Thanks for the tip!

第二名:得到更精准的時間結果(Get More Precise Time-Based Search Results)

你可能已經知道 Google 有一些選項可以讓你根據時間來過濾搜尋結果,像是過去一小時、過去一天或過去一周。但是,如果你想要自定時間範圍像是在過去十分鐘的話你可以直接在網址的參數進行修改,只要在網址後面加上 &tbs=qdr: 然後填入你想要的時間(格式如 h5 為五小時,n5 為五分鐘,s5 為五秒)所以如果你想搜尋十分鐘內的結果就在後面加上 &tbs=qdr:n10 這很適合用來取得最及時的新聞

You've probably seen the option in Google that lets you filter results by time, such as the past hour, day, or week. But if you want something more specific—like in the past 10 minutes—you can do so with a URL hack. Just add &tbs=qdr: to the end of the URL, along with the time you want to search (which can include h5 for 5 hours, n5 for 5 minutes, or s5 for 5 seconds (substituting any number you want). So, to search within th past 10 minutes, you'd add &tbs=qdr:n10 to your URL. It's handy for getting the most up-to-the-minute news.

第一名:使用進階搜尋優化你的搜尋結果(Refine Your Search Terms with Advanced Operators)

好的,其實這不算什麼搜尋技巧,這是一個大家應該學起來的搜尋指令。Google 可以做到很多事情,但大多數的人並不知道這些指令。你或許知道可以使用 AND 或者 OR 來搜尋,但你有沒有用過 AROUND 呢?AROUND 適宜個特殊的搜尋指令,他可以指定兩個字的靠近程度來搜尋,例如圖中 ipad AROUND(2) wi-fi 則會顯示出 iPad 以及 wi-fi 這兩個字在間隔兩個字元以內的結果

Okay, so this isn't so much a "clever use" than it is a tool everyone should have in their pocket. For everything Google can do, so few of us actually use the tools at our disposal. You probably already know you can search multiple terms with AND or OR, but have you ever used AROUND? AROUND is a halfway point between regular search terms (like white teeth) and using quotes (like "white teeth"). AROUND(2), for example, ensures that the two words are close to each other, but not necessarily in a specific order. You can tweak the range with a higher or lower number in the parentheses.P



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